DIY: Lush Cup O’Coffee !!!

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14 thoughts on “DIY: Lush Cup O’Coffee !!!

  1. Wow, Batool, thanks. Ive seen that coffee is the best exfoliating agent, and this one doesnt have sugar in it does it? I dont like using sugar in such things, lol. Not in my budget.

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    1. Yep no sugar. Some think its good to use but it can cause a lot of breakouts depending on your skin type. Coffee is a great exfoliator so I definitely recommend it. Glad you like it.

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      1. Hmm but for people that are too lazy to make it would buy it.. You can do anything you put yah mind to, and if it doesn’t work at least you’ve tried! A Lil cheesy but true x

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  2. I’m just checking, does this have to be refrigerated because of the yogurt? My cup of coffee doesn’t, so I don’t want to make that mistake.


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